Everywhere Dead End

Everywhere Dead End is a body of work on the imposed borders of the broader human habitat and the various manifestations of alienated space they create. Each gallery of work takes as its subject a different habitat of imposed space: natural vistas without access, surreal spaces of accumulation, and the tenuous borders of private and public domain.

Urbstract A growing body of still lifes depicting ordinary objects and spaces through a method of perspective and framing that render the subject inscrutable and alien. The series aims to bring the viewer into a critical dialogue with the concept of world building through a reevaluation of the relationship between the urbanite and their environment.


Water Feature is a study of the material refuse found around and within an artificial pond created for a suburban neighborhood of million-dollar-plus homes. Despite that the surrounding houses were still under construction, the ‘water feature’ already looked completely forgotten, and an inquiry revealed that “no more development is planned” for the park, which doesn’t even have benches or foliage. The images are a testament to the countless, half-baked development projects that make ‘the burbs’ a uniquely obscene collage of dystopic materialism.


The Storage Room